About Reread Books

Our Story

The Connecticut Community Empowerment Foundation strives to provide an education and community-oriented environment in which individuals are not limited by misperceptions of differences or disabilities, but rather treated with dignity, respect, and fairness. This vision is reflected in ReRead’s integrated job training programs, a wide range of special needs friendly community social events, educational programming for families, educators and employers, book clubs for all ages, workshops by authors and illustrators, and community outreach.

The Connecticut Community Empowerment Foundation (CCEF) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, which operates as ReRead Books & More, was founded in May 2020 to address the lack of job training and independent living opportunities for individuals with special needs. The need for job training and independent living opportunities escalated and became critical due to the COVID-19 pandemic since young adults with differences were among the first workers to lose jobs. A group of community members who had experienced this crisis first hand recognized the urgent need for innovative alternatives. ReRead Books & More was founded to bridge that gap by offering a host of job training and mentoring opportunities, as well as serving as a social and educational hub to support confidence and independence for individuals with special needs.  ReRead Books & More opened its doors to the greater Cheshire community in November of 2020. Learn about our impact on the community here.

Our Mission

ReRead Books & More raises awareness and acceptance of individuals with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities. Headquartered in Cheshire, CT, the foundation has two goals: 1) to provide integrated employment training and job skill development opportunities to people with special needs, and 2) to provide individuals, families, and communities with educational and social programs focused on independent living for those with special needs. Learn more about our opportunities by visiting our Get Involved page.


Want to get involved? Donate your books or volunteer and see how you can make a difference in our community.