Employment Training

The Connecticut Community Empowerment Foundation offers integrated employment training, through a collaboration with Quinnipiac University’s Occupational Therapy Department. This program provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a work environment with coaching and mentoring support. This training is not only intended for future employment preparedness, but also for many other situations and contexts such as independent living, social events, recreational activities, and overall quality of life. ReRead’s Guide to Integrated Employment Training prepared by Dr. Karen Majeski, OTD/OTR/L, in concert with the Quinnipiac University Occupational Program details specific skills, coaching guidelines, and assessments. This guide is available to educators, students, and the public.

We provide job skill training, according to cognitive or development needs, in 5 settings.

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ReRead Books

Job skill training includes customer service, register, alphabetizing books, story time, tours for visiting groups, assistance with events, answering the phone, setting up displays and decorations, record keeping, and making posters and videos for events.


The Annex

Job skill training includes warehouse skills, accepting donations, sanitizing books, inventory, and organizing books.


Online and E-Commerce Book Sales

Job training includes scanning books, selecting books, entering data, record keeping, and packaging for shipment.


Community Social Events

Job skill training includes explaining our mission to visitors, greeting guests, setting up tables and chairs, participating in the events (sometimes in seasonal costume), and cleaning up after the event.


Coffee Bar & Dog Biscuit Shop

Job training includes taking orders, preparing beverages, baking, measuring ingredients, following recipes, labeling and packing biscuits, and customer service.